moss tank insulation

Performance Improvements

LNT Marine has experience and class approvals for upgrade and repair of the insulation on Moss type LNG carriers. 

With the insulation system upgrade the boil off rate (BOR) can be significantly reduced.

  • Reduced Vapour Ingress
  • Reduced Boil-off (BOR)
  • Reduced Inert Gas Consumption
  • Improved Mechanical Protection
  • Improved Spray Shielding
  • Improved Fire Protection Properties

Original Insulation

Aluminium foil is not flexible and induces cracks over time in the insulation layers. SG-joint arrangement may not be vapour tight. It is very sensitive to void temperatures above +50°C – increasing the risk of de-lamination between aluminium foil and styrofoam.

Application Advantages

No removal of main existing insulation. Efficient application (20.000m2  in 8 weeks). Renewed system  is a permanent solution. Class approved and proven system.

Upgrade Application

Existing insulation surface is repaired, reinforced and covered with minimum 15mm polyurethane spray foam. Thickness can be increased to improve thermal performance. The foam surface is covered by 2mm sprayed coating developed for LNT Marine applications and tested with liquid nitrogen.

The coating replaces the aluminium foil and fulfils class requirements for vapour barrier, mechanical protection and spray shield.

Renewed Insulation

Upgraded with flexible and compatible materials ensuring evenly distributed load transfer and a permanent solution. The thickness of new polyurethane foam depends on required BOR, and BOR after upgrade is subject to size of the vessel and condition of the original insulation.

Original Insulation
Renewed Insulation
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