saga dawn

The Prototype LNT A-BOX

Saga Dawn is the first LNG carrier with the LNT A-BOX containment system. She was built at China Merchant Heavy Industry Jiangsu, China and was delivered in January 2020.

The vessel is a 45,000m³ mid-scale LNG carrier for local and regional distribution of LNG. The “LNT45 design” was developed by LNT Marine in cooperation with Saga LNG Shipping and FKAB. The vessel was built by China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co.,Ltd. and classed by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). LNT Marine developed the concept design and specifications for the complete vessel, and all design and engineering for the containment system including, cargo tanks, cargo tank support system, insulation & secondary barrier system, and safety & auxiliary systems. LNT Marine also supplied the materials for the insulation & secondary barrier system, as well as a project management and supervision team for the construction and installation of the containment system.

Construction Process Images

The vessel (IMO no. 9796855) was owned during her first years by Saga LNG Shipping, and was sold to Farenco Shipping in 2022 and renamed to “LNG Jia Xing”. She is operating in Asia and has been to a number of terminals and she has also received cargo via ship to ship transfer. The cargo containment system has performed according to specifications without any issues reported. 

Performing ship to ship transfer in 2020
Saga Dawn was renamed LNG Jia Xing in 2022
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