LNT A-BOX® Ammonia Tank

Due to its unique arrangement with the insulation outside the secondary barrier, the LNT A-BOX system does not have compatibility issues with NH3 – different from other prismatic tank types. With an independent secondary barrier, the inner hull can be built in normal shipbuilding steel – as opposed to traditional LPG carriers that can carry ammonia. This saves costs as low temperature grade steel can be avoided, and simplify material handling and building process for the yard.

Secondary barrier in a cold interbarrier space

With the LNT A-BOX secondary barrier in the cold interbarrier space a potential leak would not generate rapid vaporization and offer a more manageable vent handling requirement. The vaporization and amount of vent gas to be handled in case of a leak scenario would be significantly more manageable for LNT A-BOX compared with a traditional IMO type A arrangement for LPG.

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