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LNT A-BOX® Flexible - Efficient - Robust

“Seaborne transporation of LNG has traditionally been performed in large volumes from production source directly to consumers.”

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Always Any Filling Level - No Sloshing Issues

“To mitigate sloshing, swash bulkheads are integrated into the tank structures, to limit free surfaces of the cargo and thus sloshing loads.”

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Best utilization of Hull Volume

“The tanks are constructed primarily with plan surfaces and are prismatic shaped.”

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Robust Tank Structure

“The LNT-BOX containment system consists of an uninsulated independent tank type A in an insulated hold space.”

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Superior Boil Off Rate

“Since the cargo tanks transfer loads directly to the hull structure the loads acting on the thermal insulation system are eliminated.”

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Accessible Interbarrier Space

“To ease periodical inspections and access to essential system elements an access space between the primary and secondary barrier is arranged.”

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