Fuel Tank Systems

We provide spray foam insulation for type C fuel tanks for LNG, Ethane, LPG or Ammonia.

In the largest fuel tank categories we offer the LNT Fuel-BOX system, suitable for LNG/LEG/LPG and ammonia.

Spray Foam Insulation for Type C fuel tanks

LNT Marine provides various solutions for LNG fueled vessels based on its vast experience with LNG containment and insulation systems.

LNT Marine can offer a range of spray foam insulation systems for cylindrical as well as bi-lobe type C LNG fuel tanks. Our type C systems are fully bonded PU spray foam insulation systems tailormade and optimized for the client’s needs.

Our spray foam systems for type C tanks offer market leading thermal performance, reducing maintenance needs and improving the insulation system life-time.

For the larger tank sizes needed for ocean going vessels volume efficiency and BOR is increasingly important. 

LNT Marine has developed a prismatic fuel tank solution referred to as the LNT Fuel-BOX™ which addresses these needs. The LNT Fuel-BOX™ is based on the core principles from the LNT A-BOX® containment, but modified and optimized for LNG fuel tank applications.

The LNT Fuel-BOX™ is capable of carrying ammonia, if this is considered from the design stage. Since ammonia has higher density than LNG, the structural design of the tank has to take this into account since all loads such as sloshing loads will increase. By designing and installing an «ammonia-ready» tank systems, owners can install a flexible fuel tank that can carry LNG today, and use ammonia when this becomes commercially available. LNT Fuel-BOX has approval in principle (AiP) from ABS and Lloyds Register for LNG and ammonia (NH3).

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