ammonia tank solutions

Ready For The Green Transition

Green ammonia (NH3) is a zero-carbon fuel, and a hydrogen carrier that is considered to be among the most attractive alternative fuels.

The LNT A-BOX technology can be designed to be capable of carrying ammonia, and has received approval from major class societies for NH3 and LNG carriage in accordance with the IMO IGC as well as IGF code, i.e. both as a cargo tank or a fuel tank. Thus, the LNT A-BOX / Fuel-BOX offers a prismatic tank suitable for both LNG and ammonia with high volume utilization and low weight.

Due to its unique arrangement, with a cold interbarrier space and all insulation outside the secondary barrier, the LNT A-BOX / Fuel-BOX offers significant benefits for ammonia applications compared with traditional solutions:

  1.  Safety and gas handling where LNT A-BOX has less vaporization to consider in emergency cases
  2. Inner hull shall not be designed as secondary barrier and can be constructed in normal ship building steel, and
  3. Primary and secondary barrier will be easily accessible for inspection and repair.
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