Hydrogen carrier solutions

Concept Idea

A lighter cargo allows more hull volume within a given displacement and LOA which gives various hull design options and permitting a cargo containment system that allows flexibility to fit the hull form.
Furthermore, a cargo at - 265 °C demands special attention to the insulation to protect the carrier's hull and controlling the boil-off rate of the cargo.

On the basis of the LNT A-BOX ® cargo containment system and our expertise with cryogenic insulation for marine applications our R&D team is working on a completely new tank system for seaborne transportation of liquid hydrogen.
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LNT A-BOX® for Hydrogen

Cargo Tank & Primary Barrier

IMO type A self-supporting independent tank.

Initial Insulation & Splash Barrier

Liquid tight highly efficient insulation on the tank surface.

Interbarrier Space & Insulation

Insulated with removable insulation for inspection and maintenance access.

Secondary Barrier & Insulation

Liquid tight insulation acting as full secondary barrier.

Cargo Tank Support & Thermal Break

Preventing bodily movement of the tank.

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