LNT Marine is a Technology and Service Provider in the Maritime Sector

Enabling Efficient Storage & Transportation of Energy

Specialized within liquified gas tanks and cryogenic insulation, we develop technology and provide design & engineering, supervision and technical support. We offer complete contracting services for newbuildings as well as repairs, conversions and upgrades.

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An Un-insulated IMO Independent Tank Type A in an Insulated Hold Space

The LNT A-BOX® Cargo Containment System is a volume efficient and flexible containment system enabling more shipyards to build LNG carriers. The technology is based on a robust self-supporting prismatic tank and proven principles.

The tank system mitigates sloshing and can operate at any filling levels. LNT A-BOX is suitable and approved for LNG, LEG, LPG and Ammonia.

Marketed under the trade name LNT Fuel-BOX™, the technology is also suitable for large-scale fuel tanks as it offers high volume utilization and reasonable tank weight.

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