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Enabling Efficient Storage & Transportation of Cold Cargo

LNT Marine is an engineering and contracting company. We invent and develop new technologies and provide design and engineering for marine solutions based on our proprietary technologies, and we offer system supply as well as technical support and installation services.

Technologies and services related to the LNG sector, including cargo containment and LNG fuel systems, are the main focus area for the company today, but we have long experience and offer design and services also related to other types of gas carriers and other refrigerated cargo.

Our team is a multinational group of professionals connecting Nordic shipping traditions and Asian shipbuilding capabilities with unparalleled experience within different types of gas carriers and other refrigerated cargo. Our team members have unique experience with regards to small and mid-size LNG projects, and have been among the pioneers within this field.

We develop tailormade and flexible solutions for our clients’ needs based on decades of experience and in-house technologies and engineering resources. We innovate and develop new technologies and services to offer our clients’ the safest and most cost- and energy efficient solutions. LNT Marine has an extensive international IPR portfolio covering patents and trademarks within our business segments.

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