Reefers & Other Cold Cargo Insulation main

LNT Marine has long traditions and experience within the niche market for hold space insulation for reefers, juice carriers and freezer vessels.

These ship types play a very vital role in transporting food products that are necessary for daily use, but face the threat of perishing very fast. Through refrigerated shipping, this situation can be avoided and the refrigerated cargo can reach the intended destination without any loss or decay. Foodstuffs that are generally transported with the help of such ships are food grains, fruits, fish, juice, milk products and meat. LNT Marine (and its predecessor Thermo Service) has long experience and reference list for insulation jobs in this segment.

Although challenged by the container vessels with reefer capacity, purpose built reefer vessels remain the most efficient solutions for dedicated trades. The temperature range on such vessels are not as demanding as for the liquified gas carriers, but the projects are typically rather complex considering logistics and planning. Thus, LNT Marine’s strong engineering capabilities and long experience within this field puts us in a unique positions to handle such projects.

We offer:

  • Tailormade design & engineering according to the client’s needs
  • Insulation system material supply
  • Installation services
  • Supervision & commissioning
Reefers & Other Cold Cargo Insulation